Google is getting involved in the Project Maven, a project started by the U.S. Department of Defense to develop artificial intelligence technologies to visually process footage videotaped with military drones.

After finding out this news, more than 3100 Google employees signed a petition asking the Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, to reconsider Google’s involvement in this project. ” Google should not take part of the war industry” Google’s employees says.

Started in April of last year, Project Maven uses the TensorFlow software developed to analyze and catalogue images in Google Photos albums based on their content. According to Google representatives, Google is making a non-offensive contribution to the Project Maven. Precisely, the technology¬† will not help “operate or control drones” and “will not be used in launching weapons”. In this case, Google’s technologies might be used to highlight interest points in images and sending them to be analyzed further by qualified personnel.

Even so, there are fears that Google’s involvement with an organization involved in developing military technologies is going to hurt Google’s image after many years in which Google has categorically rejected any possibility of getting involved in the weapons industry.


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