The Chrome Web Store, a store that will be based on a new ecosystem of web apps to work on Chrome OS, Mac and Windows will now only provide extensions and themes for the Chrome web browser.

Announced ever since August of 2016, the removal of the app section from the Chrome Web Store is now official and you can no longer install such apps. Apps already installed in Chrome will continue to work until the beginning of 2018 after which they will be disabled.

Considering the lack of interest from users, it’s not likely for this action to attract to many negative reviews.

Chrome OS users will continue to have access to Chrome Web Store apps but considering the Google Play Store alternative with access to Android apps it’s very hard to believe that Google will keep the old apps ecosystem alive much longer.

Google is also working on an alternative called Progressive Web Apps ( PWA ), the new platform being a hybrid between web and traditional software apps. PWA apps can be tested and used online and they can also be installed locally to get better performance and functionality.


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