Download accelerator apps have decreased in popularity as advanced servers appeared as well as high speed internet connections as users were able to download at higher speeds. But this is no reason to think that we can’t download faster, especially those with really fast internet connections.

Expected to arrive in the next few weeks, the Chrome 64 web browser will be able to shorten the time you have to wait until you download large files by allotting multiple connections to the servers that artificially limits the bandwidth while downloading.  This way the file you want to download is downloaded by downloading multiple pieces simultaneously using your internet connection more efficiently. This technology, which is not exactly new, will then “glue together” the pieces that were downloaded separately to give you the complete file in the end.

In order to not overcharge the servers, Google Chrome will initiate 3 parallel connections at the same time. This applies to all downloads that lasts more than 2 seconds to complete, excluding small files such as text documents and images.


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