gmail 15 yeras anniversary

Exactly 15 years ago, on April 1, Google released the web version of the Gmail service, which continues to be one of Google’s most successful products.

Caught between the shutdown of the failed Google Inbox alternative and Google+ network, which is scheduled to happen in the next few days, Gmail is stronger than ever, and with the 15th anniversary of Gmail, Google also announced new features and improvements.

One of the things that were improved is the Smart Compose feature and the possibility of scheduling emails to be sent at a future date, or time.

Promising auto-completion while you type, the Smart Compose feature will learn to adapt to your typing habits, for example adjusting your hellos or goodbyes at the beginning of the end of a message. Another new feature is the automated completion of the field where you write the subject of the email.

Right now the Smart Compose feature is available on all Android devices that are using the Gmail application ( until now the Smart Compose feature was exclusive for Pixel 3 smartphones ) and iOS support will become available soon.

Just like the Facebook post scheduling feature, the Schedule option in Gmail can be accessed from the additional menu attached to the Send button. Scheduled emails remain available until it’s time for them to be sent, during which you can still edit or cancel them.


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