google pixel 3 smartphones
Google Pixel 3 smartphones

The motivation behind Google Pixel smartphones was very interesting and beneficial for the mobile industry. Unfortunately, the high price has transformed the Pixel 3 into a failure on the market.

The smartphones market is very volatile globally. While today you might own the most interesting and revolutionary gadget, things may change tomorrow if a company from China releases something even more spectacular.

In theory, Google aimed to fix this problem with the Pixel family of smartphones. As the fragmentation of the Android platform continues to affect the mobile industry, Google decided to release its own family of smartphones that will get the most recent Android versions very fast. The popularity of the Pixel phones were also helped by the fact that they were cheaper than an iPhone or Galaxy S and they took really good photos.

But with the release of the Google Pixel 3 and Google Pixel 3 Plus, Google good a bit greedy and the price has seriously influenced the number of sold units. The consequences of the price increased have been confirmed by the Google CFO. Ruth Porat said that, in 2018, Google sold fewer Pixel smartphones than in the previous year.

The official reason provided by Ruth Porat for the weak sales was an increased pressure of the entire smartphones market. Unfortunately, the CFO has not provided even more in detail information regarding her statement. Some interpreted it as a confirmation of the fact that selling the Google Pixel 3 XL at a price of almost $1000 was not a very good idea.

Overall, the Pixel family of smartphones became a mainstream phone with top technical specifications at a decent price and from one day to another it rebranded itself into the iPhone X alternative. Consumers did not liked this very much and it remains to be seen whether the Google Pixel 4 will be cheaper.


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