huawei nova 5t

The Android Enterprise program lists mobile devices created by Google partners who respect the regulations imposed by Google so they can be used for business, compatible and compliant with the industry standards. The Android Enterprise program usually lists devices that are already on the market so that partners can choose the devices they are planning to give to their employees, but every now and then we also see phones that are not released yet and Google has accidentally revealed two Huawei smartphones that are not released on the market yet.

After a problematic release of the Huawei Honor 20 smartphones, known in China as Huawei Nova 5, it appears that there will be other phones based on this series. Android Enterprise Directory lists a new device called Huawei Nova 5T, a device with small dimensions equipped with a powerful hardware platform. There is the possibility for this device to cover a niche other manufacturers are ignoring lately: the advanced device that can easily be used with one hand.

According to the Android Enterprise listing, the Huawei Nova 5T will come with a 5.5 inches display, 8 GB of RAM memory, 128 or 256 GB of storage space and, most likely, a Kirin processor. Huawei is currently using the Kirin 810 models on premium middle entry devices and Kirin 980 on high end devices. Any of them offer a very good experience most of the time.



Another unreleased Huawei smartphone that has been accidentally listed on the Android Enterprise Directory is the Huawei P Smart Pro. This device will most likely be a budget model that will have the same design as the most recent Huawei P Smart smartphone, with a notch free 6.5 inches display. The phone also comes with 4 GB RAM memory, 64 GB internal storage and a fingerprint reader most likely located on the back.

The two Huawei smartphones are most likely to be released in the next few weeks, probably before the release of the Huawei Mate 30 Pro.


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