new god of war video game

Sony Interactive Entertainment and Santa Monica Studio have launched a new trailer for the God of War video game which you can see below. Also, in the video below, Cory Barlog ( the creative director of the game ) and Jason McDonald ( the lead gameplay design of the game ) provide more details about the new combat system of the God of War game.

In God of War, although Kratos returns as the main hero, we’re going to get a new face of the character: the ruthless Spartan has changed, he’s older now, he has a kid and he is capable of controlling the rage that we saw in the previous games of the franchise. The story will take place in a world dominated by North mythology in which Kratos’ main objective is no longer revenge at all costs but protecting and developing his own child. Still, we’re getting spectacular fights and bloody executions.


The new game is a classic perspective third person and we’re also going to get some RPG elements ( such as the experience system ).

God of War will come out on April 20, 2018 exclusively for PlayStation 4.

God of War | Arrow Trailer | PS4

God of War | Deconstructing Combat | PS4


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