gmail confidential mode

Unlike in spy movies, the your mobile phone or computer will not burst into flames after you have read an email that was sent using the “confidential mode” feature.

Designed for emails with limited validity, the “confidential mode” feature will allow users to choose a time after which the email can no longer be read, printed or forwarded to another email address.

Alternatively, Gmail users will be able to add a password that the recipient will have to type when reading the email. The password can be sent separately through a text message or communicated to the recipient via other means.

Alternatively, there will also be an option to self destruct messages after they were read by the recipient.

At this time we don’t know exactly how the “confidential mode” feature will work for emails that are sent to non Gmail addresses. The system most likely works with an encryption technologies that needs software support.

More details about this feature will be available in the next couple of weeks as Google is planning to add more features to  Gmail, features that will also affect the interface.


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