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Meghan Markle has, most likely, friends we all wish we had. George Clooney has spoken about the way Meghan Markle manages to stay away from the “fake news” media.

We all need friends like the Clooney family. Considering that Amal Clooney attended the baby shower for Meghan Markle’s baby three weeks ago, and recently got involved with Prince Charles to host a gala event, George Clooney wanted to prove that he’s really a terrific member of the “Meghan Markle Team”.

George Clooney talked about the relationship Meghan Markle has with the “fake news” media, media outlets that come up with fake stories about her life and about the Royal Family. George Clooney and his wife, Amal, were guests at Meghan Marke’s wedding in May of last year, they went on vacation together with the Royal Couple and they are the favorites of being the godparents of Meghan’s child.

After Meghan Markle said she avoids reading any publication that talks about her life, George Clooney admitted in a recent interview for Good Morning Britain that it’s difficult to see the media frenzy surrounding Meghan.

George Clooney said that Meghan Markle is a strong person with the ability of not paying attention to the negativity around her. ” She was an actress long before this and she was in the spotlight for a long time. She’s a grown up and she knows how to deal with the media, so I think she’s very well. She’s not complaining. They are a wonderful couple, funny and kind” George Clooney said.


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