The fact that Apple has launched an iPhone with a very high price and failed might not be much bother for Samsung in an attempt to create a similar “experiment”.

According to EVLeaks, a reputable source regarding Samsung products, the Galaxy S9 might set an unwanted record regarding the price.

Debated for a long time on the rumor mill, the Galaxy S9 has been presented and we now know everything there is to know about the phone, except the price. The price might make the difference between a competitive product and one labeled as an iPhone X alternative. At the time the balance points to the latter, the price of the Galaxy S9 being similar to the price of the iPhone X.

If the information checks out, the Galaxy S9 might arrive on the market at the same price or a bit more expensive than the iPhone X, putting users in the position of making a difficult choice.

The iPhone X has generated controversy regarding the price of more than $1000, which makes it hard for regular consumers to buy it. The end results is known. Apple has cut down the production to half after the sales were much under the company’s expectations.

What is certain is that Samsung has also built a base of regular buyers, who might be willing to pay a bit extra to get their hands on the most advanced Galaxy smartphone yet. It remains to be seen how many of these consumers will confirm their loyalty to the Galaxy brand by accepting – and paying – the new prices.


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