Samsung decided to continue the partnership with Microsoft and the new Galaxy S9 smartphone can also be purchased in the Microsoft Store. Just like the previous version – the Galaxy S8 – the new Galaxy S9 is delivered with a personalized Android  version which also includes Microsoft apps suggestions.

Following the failure of the Microsoft Phone platform, Microsoft has adopted a less ambitious strategy, but one with better chances of being successful, promoting its services as vectors of established platforms such as iOS and Android. On occasion, the Microsoft apps ecosystem can play the main role, as partnerships negotiated with other smartphones manufacturers giving Microsoft the opportunity of consolidating its own brand image.

From a hardware point of view, the Galaxy S9 smartphones sold through the Microsoft Store are identical to those sold by Samsung, even the price is the same. In return, the software package has some notable differences on the interface – inspired or replaced with the Microsoft Launcher – but also when it comes to apps as these phones come with OneDrive, Excel, Skype, Word, OneNote, Cortana and Outlook.

In order to not discourage potential buyers or hurt Samsung’s interests, Microsoft does not automatically install these apps and users can decide for themselves if they want them or not.

Galaxy S9 pre-orders in the Microsoft Store will be delivered starting with March 16 of 2018.



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