In case you find a Galaxy S8 on the market before it gets officially released, our advice is to double check the design of the phone before thinking about buying it.

We’re saying this because a series of Chinese clones were already released on the market, and some of them even include the Samsung logo on the case.

Those of you with a trained eye can spot the fake immediately, and photos that have been circling the Internet reveal the differences between the fake and the real model.

The untrained eye might not be able to say why the phones in the image above are different but whoever followed the Samsung Galaxy S8 leaks int he past can immediately see the design problems of the fake phone. Firstly, in the photo we see a bigger smartphone. Despite the fact that the Chinese manufacturer has tried to copy the display of the genuine Galaxy S8, the standard display is framed by a black frame with rounded corners.

The display is not curved on the edges and the panel seems to be regular. In the lower region the manufacturer of the fake Galaxy S8 paced the Samsung logo, and this element is missing from the genuine model. Also, on the back the fingerprint reader is placed on the wrong side and the camera is too much out there.

Even the starting screen seems to revel the fact that it’s a fake because the font of the Galaxy S8 text is not the same font Samsung is using. To avoid such clones we advise you to wait for the official release and to buy it exclusively from authorized stores.


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