galaxy s10 charging

Big smartphones manufacturers such as Samsung are behind fast charging technologies, and Chinese companies already have faster alternatives to the classic Qualcomm Quick Charge.

Samsung has noticed this trend and will try to make its devices better from this point of view through an update that will improve the charging speed of the phone. This feature has been initially announced for the Galaxy S10 5G but it will also be available for other Galaxy S10 smartphones as well.

The president of Samsung China, Quan Guixian, announced during an event that took place in a Samsung store in China that the entire Galaxy S10 series will get a software update that will allow the smartphone to be charged faster. This ability, has made its debut on a middle entry smartphone, the Galaxy A70, which has been recently announced world wide.

Because the charger in the Galaxy S10 package does not provide so much charging power, the phone being delivered with the standard 5V/2A charger, you most likely have to buy a new one from Samsung. Samsung does not use the “standard” QuickCharge as it was modified and adapted for Exynos processors.

The Samsung China president also confirmed that Galaxy S10 smartphones will get a night mode with long exposure, also through a software update, which will substantial improve photo performance under weak light, but it’s not clear whether this will be rolled out in the same update or a separate one. Unfortunately, there is no deadline for these updates.

It makes sense for the updates to be released at the same time with the new Galaxy S10 5G model, which will arrive at the beginning of May of this year, which will also come with the One UI 1.2 interface.



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