According to recent information spread by the South Korean market, Samsung has allegedly chose a different approach for the case of the Galaxy Note 10. Precisely, the Galaxy Note 10 might come without physical buttons on the frame.

The information that appeared in the local media does not provide too many details, just that Samsung will opt for a design without buttons. This might be possible with the help of optimizations made to the One UI interface and a new type of sensors hidden in the frame of the case.

Without physical buttons, Samsung should use alternative solutions, such as hidden touch buttons and using gesture commands, similar to that of HTC smartphones.

Most likely the removal of the physical buttons will not also affect the S Pen accessory which is emblematic for the Galaxy Note series. For practical reasons, Samsung will not remove the slot for the S-Pen nor the USB-C connector.

With or without the Galaxy S10 example, the new Galaxy Note 10 might make its official debut in August of 2019.

But, until then, another smartphone might become the first Samsung smartphone without physical buttons. Expected to arrive in just one month, the Galaxy A90 is also described as being button-less, containing also other innovations such as a retractable photo camera.



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