donald trump and foxconn officials

Last year, Foxconn officials have met with president Donald Trump and they agreed on the fact that Foxconn is going to build in a factory in the United States. The project was sidelined until now.

A few days ago Reuters reported that Foxconn official Louis Woo said that Foxconn will no longer build the factory in Wisconsin. A few days later, he changed his statement by saying that right now there are some close and personal talks with president Donald Trump. The official also said that the construction of the factory will continue.

The factory in Wisconsin will be a sixth generation factory, smaller than what Foxconn promised back in 2017, but bigger than the assembly line promied last month. There have been many delays so far, all fueled by Donald Trump’s ambition of seeing Apple building iPhone smartphones in the United States. Scott Walker, former Governor of Wisconsin promised $4.5 billion in tax cuts for Foxconn.

At that time, Foxconn promised to build a 10.5 generation factory and Donald Trump was bragging with creating tens of thousands of new jobs in the United States. Now Foxconn is planning to build a factory that will hire 13,000 people and there will also be a Research and Development department for AI, 8K and 5K.

The United States is still in recovery mode after the Federal Government shutdown.


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