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Fortnite is changing and Epic Games wants to bring a very popular gaming mode – made popular by the Call of Duty game.

Epic Games, the creator of the popular Fortnite game, is actively searching for new ways to make Fortnite stay just as popular, but this means the game needs something new. It appears that the “Gun Game” mode will make its presence known in Fortnite very soon.

Gun Game is a gaming mode in which the gamer who kills all players with all the weapons in the game wins. If the game is on the timer, the player with the most kills wins.

The Gun Game mode is pretty different than how Fortnite is currently played but maybe Epic Games will adapt it to the battle royal genre.

This possible new addition for Fortnite has been discovered by a user who searched in the source code of the game and found files referring to the Gun Game mode and even found this description: “Earn eliminations to make your way through all of the weapons to the end!

This makes it clear that the Gun Game mode in Fortnite is not just a rumor and Epic Games is actively working on it.

Still, we have no idea when the Gun Game mode will make its appearance in Fortnite but many speculate that it will become available with the release of the next important patch or in a few months, at the latest.

In any case, Fortnite needs something new considering that the new battle royale game Apex Legends from Electronic Arts turns out to be a successful one. Apex Legends has managed to raise more than 25 million players in just one week, and the developer is already working on new characters and abilities to keep the game attractive.



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