A former friend of actress Meghan Markle doesn’t have too many good words to say about the future wife of Prince Harry.

Ninaki Priddy, who was a bridesmaid at Meghan Markle’s first wedding said that the actress can be “very cold” to people. Also, Ninaki provided more details as to why Meghan’s first marriage didn’t worked.

Meghan Markle will be part of the royal family of the United Kingdom after she marries Prince Harry in May of next year. The U.S. actress, 36 years old, has already started to attend public engagements alongside Prince Harry. The entire world watched Meghan’s first public appearances after the engagement was announced.

Many people decided to express their thoughts on the new engagement. Among them is also one of Meghan’s former friends, who was also a bridesmaid at Meghan’s first wedding to producer Trevor Engelson, a marriage that fell apart a few years back.

Ninaki Priddy says that Meghan can be “very cold” with people. ” All I can say now is that Meghan was very calculated in the way she helped people and in her relationships. She has a strategy she follows when she picks a circle of friends. When she decides you’re no longer part of her life she can be very cold about it” Ninaki Priddy says about Meghan Markle.

She and Meghan were friends since they both were two years old but their friendship faded when Meghan’s marriage fell apart. ” I know they argued from time to time but it wasn’t something very serious. The only real obstacle was distance. She lived in Toronto and Trevor lived in Los Angeles” Ninaki added.

Meghan Markle moved to Toronto after she was cast in hit TV show “Suits”, a show she resigned from now. The marriage ended in 2013 after only two years.

18 months ago Meghan Markle met Prince Harry through a common friend. The two started dating and their relationship was rather private. Now, after the engagement was announced, the two started to appear together in public.


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