Stephen Hawking passed away yesterday in his Cambridge home, United Kingdom, at the age of 76.

Yesterday we published a brief biography of Stephen Hawking, the the biggest physicist in the world who never won the Nobel prize.

The physicist who outlined the black holes theory and who beat all the health obstacles in his way was living with his three children.

Even if Stephen Hawking was one of the biggest minds in the world and his scientific work was often highly appreciated by his peers, there are some things not many people know about Professor Stephen Hawking. He was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease when he was only 22 years old and the doctors said – at that time – that he’s only going to life for two more years.

Things you don’t know about Stephen Hawking

1. His school grades were mediocre as Stephen Hawking wasn’t seen as a very good student. At the age of nine, he had one of the lowest grades in his class, risking to repeat the year. Contrary to the fact that school was something very interesting to Stephen, his nickname back then was “Einstein”.

2. He hated biology. Many times Stephen Hawking said that biology is an inexact science, unlike math or physics.

3. He was part of the Oxford canoe team, before the disease took him over. Actually, Stephen Hawking was very much in love with this sport and he enjoyed rowing with his friends. The fact that he was on the rowing team made him one of the most popular kids in school.

4. Hawking lost a bet regarding black holes against an American physicist named John Preskill. Preskill did not agree with Hawking saying that its possible for the information to not be absorbed entirely by a black hole, being capable of “escaping”. Being a fair guy, Stephen Hawking admitted his mistake in 2004 during a lecture, when he said Preskill was right.

5. Stephen Hawking wrote a book with his daughter, Lucy. The story of the book revolves a boy named George who rebels against his parent’s aversion towards technology. The book explains pretty complicated concepts such as black holes, but it does it in a way even children can understand.




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