chicago armed attack

An armed man opened fire at a Illinois warehouse from which he was recently fired, killing five of his former colleagues, according to local authorities.

The Chief of Police of Aurora, Kristen Ziman, said that the attacker, a 45 years old man named Gary Martin, worked for Henry Pratt Company for 15 years before the attack took place at the Aurora warehouse, west of Chicago.

The Chief of Police said that it is not clear whether the suspect had the gun the moment he was fired or if he purchased it before the attack.

Five police officers were also wounded on the scene, the Chief of Police also said in a press conference. Another person suffered knee wounds.

This attack is the most recent episode of armed violence in a country where mass shootings happen almost every day. The attack took place just one day after 17 people were gunned down by an armed man at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school in Parkland, Florida.

An eyewitness told CNN that he saw the attack carrying a gun equipped with laser sighting.

Due to the neverending gun violence in this country, there has been growing fear among people, and the loss of life which can be seen taken place every day is just adding on to the existing fear. Accidents and mishaps are something that cannot be predicted or avoided. However, accidents which occur due to negligence in maintaining the shape and condition of landscapes like docks and harbours can sure be avoided (just call an Arizona loading dock services specialist today, if such a repair is the need of the hour). Gun violence can be curbed with the right constitutional amendments. It only requires a little awareness and acts of bravado.

Along with the loss of life there even has been considerable damage to the infrastructure which results in thousands of dollars of repair which most of the dock and certain other places cannot afford due to hard economic times.

The loss of life and constant damage to several properties is just one small issue when it comes to the wave of violence which has been spreading across this county devouring people of happiness and joy.


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