After the first game of the Diablo franchise has been adapted for modern platforms and re-launched through the Gog.com website, Blizzard Entertainment and Good Old Games continue their partnership and now you can also find the first two Warcraft game on Gog.com.

WarCraft: Orcs & Humans ( the first game of the Warcraft franchise ) released in 1994 marked the debut of Blizzard Entertainment in the real time strategy segment of the gaming market and now the original game ( adapted to run properly on modern operating system ) is available on Gog.com at a price of $5,29.

The second game of the series, Warcraft II: Battle.net Edition, which includes the Warcraft II : Tides of Darkness ( 1995 ) and the Beyond the Dark Portal expansion pack is also available on Gog.com.

Just like in the case of the Diablo re-launch, this edition also includes the two versions of the game: the classic version, which offers multi-player support through Battle.net and a revised version adapted for modern operating systems, with support for modern resolutions ( through upscaling ). WarCraft II: Battle.net Edition can be purchased through Gog.com at a price of $8,89.

Alternatively, gamers can choose to purchase both games through the WarCraft I & II Bundle, available on Gog.com at a price of $13,29.





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