Google makes smartphones for only three years now, during which time Google managed to make a huge impact on the market.

Pixel smartphones are appreciated by the fans, but the design of the Pixel phones cannot be compared to the design of smartphones created by top manufacturers.

However it appears that in 2019 the Google Pixel 4 XL might join the trend with a very nice design and updated camera systems and not least Google is also considering building a foldable phone.

An image that describes the general design of a smartphone that might be the Google Pixel 4 XL has appeared online and Phone Arena already created a 3D model following the specifications. In case the image turns out to be true, Google might compete with important players of the smartphones market such as Samsung, Apple and Huawei, while also keeping the design elements that made the Pixel family of smartphones famous.


Firstly, the screen appears to be using a perforated design in the upper right corner, the place that houses two cameras, just like the Galaxy S10+ from Samsung. Considering that a fingerprint reader is not present in the back, it appears to be integrated in the display, while the frame of the phone is very think. On the back we can see the first dual camera system of a Google phone, in a design with two colors.


Another very interested detail regarding the Google Pixel 4 XL phone is the fact that it keeps the two frontal speakers, but they appear to be thin, integrated very close to the frame of the phone.

Google is also thinking about the future – as the company does so often – and is considering building a new type of smartphone, with a foldable display. Google suggests that it may tackle the problem in two different ways: a classic design similar to a “clamshell” device or a way in which the phone would fold in the shape of the letter Z with two folding points this remaining flat on both sides when the phone is not folded.


We’re probably not going to see a foldable phone from Google very soon as these concepts were revealed by patents Google has filed in the past. Still, considering the fact that Google already provides support for foldable phones in Android Q and companies such as Huawei and Samsung have launched foldable phones, there are chances to see a foldable phone from Google in the next few years.


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