foldable phone huawei

Huawei confirmed the fact that the foldable phone will be presented during a conference at the Mobile World Congress 2019 but until now we had no idea how the phone will look like.

Last year Samsung presented the Infinity-Flex screen, which folds on the inside, with a smaller display being located in the front, but Huawei might use another solution.

It appears that Huawei prefers to position the foldable screen on the exterior, which is not very different compared to the first foldable phone, FlexPai from Royole. The screen can be folded from the middle, providing a full screen on the exterior on both sides of the devices and when it is open will provide a display similar to that of a tablet. So, an additional display will no longer be required, which might help or affect the autonomy of the device.

foldable phone huawei

The presence of a single display might be beneficial in case the back remains inactive when the phone is being used in foldable mode. Since it’s an OLED display, it is possible for the back to be “black” and this might require less battery. On the other hand, if the screen remains on all the time, the energy requirements might increase significantly compared to Samsung’s solution, which only uses the bigger screen when the devices is fully open.

It appears that Huawei has found a solution to create a “hinge” which allows the device to be fully folded without a big space in the middle, the phone being – at least in theory – easy to be held in the pocket. FlexPai from Royole has a triangular shape when folded, the display forming a pretty large loop.


The photo posted on the Huawei Twitter account suggests that the device will be very thin, thinner than other similar phones, including the phone presented by Samsung last year.

More details about this new foldable phone from Huawei will become available on February 24, 2019, when Huawei will officially announced this phone at the Mobile World Congress 2019.


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