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After the implementation of the “Do Not Track” feature has failed, most websites simply ignoring this setting, Firefox is implementing a new anti-tracking technology that promises to be more difficult to bypass.

The procedure describes the way websites and ad companies can track you by establishing the identity of the web browser based on multiple data about software and hardware configuration, by constructing a digital signature of the device you’re using. Even with the “Do Not Track” setting activated, the web browser keeps a unique fingerprint that can be used to track you.

Firefox is not the only web browser that promises to block tracking as Apple promised the same for the Safari web browser.

Firefox will also start to automatically block scripts that are used to mine virtual coins but users can allow this if they want ( maybe some websites offer benefits ).

The new anti-tracking features will be implemented with the Firefox 67 version of the web browser and they are based on technology provided by Disconnect, a company specialized in security solutions that also provides the same services for the Chrome web browser as an extension that users can choose to install or not.


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