Ubisoft continues the marketing campaign for the Far Cry 5 upcoming video game and the publisher released two new live action trailers ( promo videos created with the help of real actors ).

The first one focuses on antagonist Joseph Seed, played by actor Greg Bryk, while the second is dedicated to Boomer, the canine partner the player can rely on during the Far Cry 5 adventure.

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In Far Cry 5 players will play as new Hope County deputy sheriff in an attempt to free Montana from the threat posted by Project at Eden’s Gate religious fanatics. The main character will join the Resistance created by some locals and they will get to use many weapons such as pistols, automated rifles, grenades, hammers or baseball bats but also the possibility of driving a wide range of vehicles.

Far Cry 5 – The Sermon Live Action Trailer

Far Cry 5 – Play it like Boomer !

To make it easier, players can hire “Guns for Hire”, mercenaries that will fight alongside you or even “Fangs for Hire”, allied animals such as bears, just like in Far Cry Primal, and the game also brings back Far Cry Arcade map editor with the help of which you can create your very own adventures.

Far Cry 5 will arrive on March 27, 2018 for Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4.


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