samsung galaxy s10 plus

Samsung decided to drop the iris scanner implemented in older models and for the Galaxy S10 the company decided to use two biometric methods of unlocking the phone: fingerprint scanner and facial recognition. Well, the latter turns out it’s very easy to trick.

In a video posted on Twitter, German website,we can see how the facial recognition system of the Galaxy S10 has been tricked with the help of a photo.

Samsung provided very few details regarding the facial recognition system of the Galaxy S10 so there are some chances for this to be in an early version and it might be improved with future software updates.

But this should not worry you very much. The Galaxy S10 uses a very special, ultrasonic technology to unlock the phone through the fingerprint reader, which is considered safer than the optical version used until now.

Optical scanners can be tricked using simple things such as a photo of a fingerprint. Maybe in the future Samsung will pay more attention to this technology but at least for now the facial recognition technology from Apple remains the best of the industry.


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