Facebook will launch a new class of robots that will work in discussion groups on Messenger but with a different purpose than you might think.

At the F8 conference Facebook will reveal a new class of robots that will be present in Facebook Messenger discussion groups with the purpose of keeping users constantly up to date with the most recent news. Facebook is already working with many other companies to build this new class of robots.

For example, a football discussion group on Facebook might ad a bot in their threads and the bot will keep them updated with how a football mach unfolds, score changes and other details over the course of the match. Moreover, bots integrated in a discussion group might keep employees up to date with the latest news in their fields.

The best part is that the group of robots Facebook will integrate will also solve the current problems of the platform launched by Facebook back in 2016. Firstly, the bots will not engage in a discussion as they will be robots with the role of keeping users updated with the latest news so don’t expect to get the same boring conversations.

Because the new robots version will be integrated in a discussion group, there is no pressure for them to behave lie humans, as they will serve a clear purpose.

Besides these tasks, robots will be capable of replying using “structured messages” and this allows companies to create systems similar to those of Uber or KLM.

Facebook is also working with Live Chat developers to build plugins to better improve the service.

Currently, Facebook is not charging companies or creators to operate bots on the platform. Even so, Facebook can make companies that are using robots to buy ad space on the News Feed and through which users can initiate conversations on Messenger with these bots.

There is however another concern: will these robots monitor chats and send everything back to Facebook or the authorities ?


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