Facebook announced the social network is using artificial intelligence to prevent suicides. The algorithm analyzes the content published by users on Facebook in order to find clues in videos and messages. So, if suicidal tendencies are found, the algorithm starts reporting this and a service that can provide help, such as a dedicated phone service, is being contacted by Facebook. There is also the option for a suicidal person to be contacted by a friend.

The algorithm is searching for phrases such as “Are you OK?”, ” Can i help?”.  Many suicides were broadcasted live on Facebook. One of the most popular cases happened in April of this year when a man broadcasted killing his daughter and than taking his own life.

Facebook tested this new feature in the USA and it will be implemented in most countries where Facebook is available. Unfortunately, because of some legislative issues, the service will not be available in the European Union right away but Facebook promised to find solutions to have this program implemented in the E.U. as well.

Artificial intelligence is already important and plays a major role on Facebook. The technology is being used to deliver commercials, sorting posts in the news feed, discovering child pornography or even to recognize images.


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