This year was probably the worst year in Facebook’s history as the company has managed to get the attention of authorities from all over the world because of the negligence in handling the users personal data and because of the low security measures Facebook has implemented.

However it appears that Facebook has even bigger problems that probably won’t be solved any time soon, such as tracking the users location even if they disable the GPS.

A study conducted by Aleksandra Korolova, assistant professor at the South California University reveals the fact that Facebook can track you anytime and anywhere. Facebook has many “privacy” settings that you can use to disable location tracking but this doesn’t stop Facebook from tracking you.

Most recently some patents filed by Facebook in order to track users when they are offline have been filed. The patents also describe methods through which Facebook can tell the destination even before you arrive. These measures are still far from being implemented but Facebook’s current method of tracking you is very simple and almost impossible to stop.

When you disable your GPS, Facebook tracks you through the IPs of the mobile network, through the IPs of the Wi-Fi networks you connect at and by using information from connected Bluetooth devices. So, ads that are targeting a specific group of people in a specific area can reach targeted users even if the GPS is turned off.

Facebook is not even denying this but the company says that such data is being collected for “security purposes” and admits to using details such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to track users and to find out their location even when the Facebook mobile app is closed.

One of the best and probably the only solution to protect yourself from Facebook’s espionage right now is to completely uninstall the Facebook app from your phone, delete your Facebook app and stop vising the Facebook website. Actually, almost all social networks are doing exactly what Facebook is doing but right now Facebook is getting all of the attention.


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