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Not just Google is taking preemptive measures as the European elections are getting near, trying to counteract online propaganda campaigns as there are justified fears that some groups might try to influence the outcome of the elections online, including on social networks such as Facebook.

Using social networks for propaganda is a real danger and this can put companies such as Facebook and Google in some awkward positions, and they can even risk some serious sanctions.

Facebook is taking some preemptive measures and announces new measures to manage problematic content distributed by users, but also especially using the help of groups. The new restrictions will mostly affect Facebook groups that have been reported to distribute Fake News and the visibility of the posts made within these groups will drop dramatically.

Facebook will also implement a Click-Gap algorithm which is meant to assure that users will find less and less bad quality content in their News Feed. It works by decreasing the visibility of posts that get a high volume of traffic.

Facebook will also focus on manually checking viral content as the automated content filters have their flaws.


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