The Messenger platform is considered a separate component of Facebook, and it will be seriously improved in the upcoming period. It appears Facebook realized it ignored desktop users lately and during the F8 event Facebook announced a desktop version of the Messenger app along with new features especially for mobile.

Facebook wants Messenger to be a very easy to install app and very fast. As such, Facebook started the “Lightspeed” program in order to make the app smaller and faster. When the new Messenger gets installed it will only occupy 30 MB for mobile and can be opened in only 1.3 seconds. The new version will make its debut for iOS.


Some of the new features Facebook Messenger gets is the “Friends” tab where you can see content from other social networks owned by Facebook, content exclusively published by your friends. Here you will see the new Stories, new photos or links your friends are posting.

You will have the possibility of creating video conferences with your friends. If you don’t want to use video, you can sure text chat. Facebook promises a desktop version for Windows and macOS which will work almost the same as the tablet version of the app, offering most functionality available on mobile devices.

If you have friends on all social networks owned by Facebook, Messenger will become an universal chat app. It will allow you to send messages to your friends who are using Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. Facebook confirmed the company is working to implement both end encryption for Messenger chats, but a release date of this feature has not been set yet. Right now Messenger allows you to create “Secret chats” which are encrypted, but the end purpose is for the entire app to encrypt chats.

All these features will be released over the course of this year but at this time we don’t know if they will be released at the same time or they will be rolled out one by one.


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