Facebook has some big PR problems lately, as user security and privacy being a very tensed subject. It appears that not even those who decide to quit Facebook manage to steer clear of the tracking Facebook is doing as the social network continues to collect data even after you have disabled your Facebook account.

According to CNET, Facebook can still identify you and collect data about you even after you have disabled your Facebook account. This is possible with the help of the Like and Share buttons that are integrated in most websites, and they provide information that is added to your personal profile regardless if it’s active or not.

Facebook says that disabling the account is a method to protect users privacy but Facebook does not specifically say that this implies and it doesn’t say whether personal data is collected when the account is not active. The only method to get “rid” of Facebook is to permanently delete your Facebook account and you will also lose your photos, posts, etc.

Disabling a Facebook account just gives you the illusion of privacy and it shouldn’t be considered a solution in order to stop Facebook for tracking you. It appears that not even people without Facebook accounts are not 100% safe. Their activity is still monitored and stored just in case they decide to create a Facebook account in the future. These have been called “shadow accounts” by industry specialists but Facebook denied everything, of course!


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