Facebook is experiencing problems but the company says Facebook is not under attack, however no details regarding the cause of the problems are provided.

Facebook has been dealing with functionality problems over the last 24 hours, the biggest problems being experienced by Facebook users in Europe. Facebook has not detailed the cause the problems but functionality errors are still happening, however at a smaller scale.

What is interesting is that the problems have also affected Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger as users were unable to access photos and publish new posts. Twitter has seen an increase in activity as users turned to Twitter in their search for alternate means of communication. This comes to confirm that the problems are caused by Facebook’s servers and not by the global internet infrastructure.

facebook problems

Problems have started to appear all of a sudden yesterday. Users were unable to make new posts until late at night. Even today, some Facebook users have been experiencing problems in accessing their Facebook and Instagram account and they have seen the “Sorry, something went wrong. We’re working on getting this fixed as fast as we can” message.

facebook problems 2

These problems are causing Facebook significant financial losses as many companies depend on Facebook promotion to get daily traffic and clicks to their websites.

Even if Facebook has not made any comments regarding these problems, Instagram has announced through a Twitter post that Instagram’s functionality has been fully restored.


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