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Facebook has confirmed that the social network kept information about the text messages and calls of millions of people who are using Android to access the Facebook Messenger application.

Ever since the Cambridge Analytica scandal broke up, a company that abused Facebook to collect data, users have started to download their own data from Facebook to see how much Facebook knows about them.

Developer Dylan McKay did the same as other people. McKay says that the files he downloaded from Facebook contained logs of all the calls he made in the last few years. The file also included information about who called, the time of the call, how long the call lasted. What is important is that these phone calls were not made through Facebook, they were made using the default Phone application.

Dylan McKay’s post went viral and this is how it was discovered that other Facebook users had the same call log history. “The call log and messages history are part of the logging process, something in common for all those who are using Facebook Messenger or Facebook Lite on Android” Facebook officials says. Moreover, Facebook claims that this helps users find and keep in touch with the people they are interested in and this actually provides a better Facebook experience.

Once you have installed Facebook Messenger, the app starts to do its thing: your contacts, phone log and messages are constantly being uploaded to Facebook. The Facebook data archive for each user includes three main folders: html, messages and photos but also a index.htm file. This file quickly allows you to access the other html files included in the three folders. Once opened, these files provide you with details about your account, such as the pages you liked, groups you are part of and even your past relationships.

If you want to stop Facebook from spying on you you should know that there are alternatives. Nuzzel is one of them and you can sync with other social networks you are using such as Twitter or LinkedIn. With the help of Nuzzel you can see what your friends talk about. The app also includes the Best of Nuzzel feature which helps you see the most discussed news on the platform.


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