explosion in russia
Explosion in Russia

There are suspicions that the explosion at the naval base in Arhanghelsk region, which took place 2 days ago, happened during a nuclear missile test, according to experts quoted by the Daily Express and Meduza online newspaper.

UPDATE: Russian atomic energy agency Rosatom announced earlier today that five employees lost their lives because of an explosion that took place two days ago at the naval base in Arhanghelsk during the testing of a liquid fuel missile.

Other three people were wounded. Initially, the authorities reported that two people were killed and six were wounded during the explosion and in the region of Severodvinsk, a city located nearby the base where the explosion happened, radiations were detected for a short time.

According to media sources from Russia, the authorities recommended people that live nearby to take iodine pills, a substance used to diminish the effects of radiation exposure. There are however growing suspicions that the explosion happened during a nuclear missile test.

A high ranking official of the United States Administration said that he cannot confirm nor deny that the explosion happened during a nuclear missile test.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said in March of 2018 that Russia built a missile with nuclear propulsion saying that the missile has an unlimited range and it is invincible by all anti-missile systems currently in use.


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