judgement game exclusive for playstation 4

SEGA has announced the release date for the Judgement video game, the exclusive for PS4 and western version of the game released in Japan as Judge Eyes: Shinigami no Yuigon.

So, Judgement will arrive in North America and Europe in June 21, 2019 digitally and June 25, 2019 in physical versions. The Judgement game – as we mentioned above – will be exclusively available for PlayStation 4.

Judgement is developed by the team that also worked on the Yakuza series. The story takes place in the same Universe, in the city of Tokyo present time.

Judgement is the first modern game placed in the Yakuze Universe that will benefit from a full English localization, recent titles of the franchise relying only on translated subtitles. So, for the Judgement game, SEGA decided to re-record all dialogue in the English language, with actor Greg Chun playing the role of the leader character of the game, Takayuki Yagami.

Players will also get the opportunity of switching between original dialogue and English dialogue.

Judgement will be released in North American and Europe in June of this year, exclusively for the PlayStation 4 video console.



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