Exclusive PlayStation 4 games might also become available for PC due to a change from Sony.

On the official PlayStation blog Sony posted an article in which the company talks about the PlayStation Now streaming service. Sony says that PlayStation Now gives gamers the possibility of streaming 483 games on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PC.

The PlayStation Now library of games, which is already quite generous, will expand with other games very soon and according to Sony all games will be available through a PlayStation Now subscription. Even so, Sony does not provide many details regarding how the system works and this will be detailed by Sony in the near future.

Sony will start a private test with PlayStation 4 games through a PS Now subscription and all users who are using such a subscription have the chance of being invited.

This recent decision made by Sony is based on another decision that has been taken approximately one month ago. At that time, Sony said that PlayStation Now will remain exclusive to PlayStation 4 and PC. Starting with August 15, 2017, PS 3, PS Vita, PS TV to be unable to access the platform.

Sony says that PS Now uses in cloud saves so if you start a game from the PlayStation 4 you can continue from where you left off on another PS 4 but also on a PC.

It remains to be seen if such a service will be available globally. We don’t think that we should expect this service be become available world wide right away but Sony should not ignore other markets other than United States, Canada or UK.


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