Beautiful actress Eva Mendes, the wife of actor Ryan Gosling, is not at all happy that Emma Stone and Ryan became so good friends after they starred together in “La La Land” and, according to hearsay, Eva Mendes thinks Emma Stone wants to “steal” him.

Emma Stone won the Oscar award for best actress thanks to her performance in “La La Land” and, during the acceptance speech, she especially thanked Ryan Gosling and later on they were seen passionately hugging each other.

These details were simply not overlooked by Eva Mendes and now she fears Emma Stone might try to get her hooks into Ryan Gosling. Eva Mendes is extremely jealous considering she and Ryan also have two children.

According to sources, Emma Stone had a crush on Ryal Gosling ever since they starred together in “Gangster Squad” and “Crazy Stupid Love”, however she later hooked up with actor Andrew Garfield while he was in a relationship with Shannon Woodward. Andrew dumped Shannon for Emma Stone and Emma became known as a homewrecker, so we understand why Eva Mendes is so worried.

Eva Mendes fears that something similar might happen again. ” It’s not so impossible. Imagine that you’re at home with your two kids and you see your husband starring in movie after movie with the same actress, who is single and has the reputation of stealing boyfriends and husbands” the source says referring to Eva Mendes.

Do you think Emma Stone is a homewrecker ?


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