Psyonix studio, the author of the Rocket League game, one of the most accessible and popular games released in the last few years – announced that it was purchased by one of the most controversial companies right now: Epic Games.

The authors of the Fortnite phenomenon caused some controversy lately because of the new digital distribution service – Epic Games Store – and payments made to publishers to ensure exclusive titles for the store. The fact that Epic Games also has a connection with Tencent did not help very much, as Tencent is being accused of espionage and collecting personal data with the help of the Epic Games Store.

As such, it is easy to understand why Rocket league fans might have reasons to worry with the new change of ownership. Still, Rocket League developers made assurances that the purchase of the company will not impact the Rocket League gaming experience, as the ecosystem of the game will remain unchanged. Moreover, Epic Games’ involvement will help the eSports scene around Rocket League.

Obviously, with the purchase of Psyonix, Rocket League becomes the property of Epic Games and the game will migrate to the Epic Games Store by the end of this year. Until the end of this year however, Rocket League will continue to be available in all current stores and digital distribution services.


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