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British actress Emma Watson, the star of the Harry Potter franchise and Beauty and the Beast might star in Black Widow, according to Hollywood sources. The information comes from a source close to the production of the new Marvel movie.

Emma Watson’s audition is said to have impressed the studio while other actresses such as Alice Englert ( Sixteen Moons, Ratched ), Dar Zuzovsky ( Hostages, Neighborhood ) and Florence Pugh ( Fighting for Family ) also gave auditions for the new Black Widow movie.

As the age average of these actresses is lower than that of other actresses that auditioned it is very likely for the script of the Black Widow to have been changed especially since, recently, a team to revise the story has been brought in, a team that also includes writer Jac Schaeffer ( Olaf’s Frozen Adventure, the next The Hustle ).

Right now we don’t have details about the character Emma Watson might play in the Black Widow movie but some previous information suggested that Emma Watson might play the role of a girl that will work alongside Natasha Romanoff.

As Mavel studios focused a lot on the Avengers: Endgame until now, we don’t have too many details about the Black Widow movie. It is speculated that it will be a prequel and might include other Avengers such as Bucky. Ned Benson has also been involved in writing the movie and the director of Black Widow is Cate Shortland. Filming is scheduled to star in june of this year.


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