Wonder Woman 2, which will be premiered on November 1, 2019, is now in production and the producers are looking for the perfect actress to play the villain, Cheetah.

The Wrap claims that the role has been offered to actress Emma Stone, but this has not been confirmed yet. Warner Bros. confirmed that they talked to Emma Stone about the role, however some online sources are indicating that Emma has decided to pass on the role.

Cheetah will be the main villain of the Wonder Woman 2 movie. The character first appeared in the number 6 issue of the Wonder Woman comic books in 1943. It is alleged that the version that will be used in the Wonder Woman 2 plot is the version of Barbara Minerva, an archeologists from England who gets the abilities of a cheetah thanks to the intervention of a weird being, Urzkartaga.

Actress Gal Gadot is all set to return as Wonder Woman 2 alongside Chris Pine as Steve Trevor ( although there are some rumors that he will be replaced as the love interest of Wonder Woman also changes ). The story will take place in the 80’s when Diana and her allies will go against the Soviet Union.

The shooting of Wonder Woman 2 will begin in May of this year in London and Patty Jenkings returns in the director’s seat.


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