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Emma Roberts and Even Peters broke up and the young actress was photographed in the company of Garret Hedlund.

A source told ET that Emma Roberts and Evan Peters broke up and right now they are just friends. ” Evan moved on. It’s wasn’t a bad break up” the source said. However it appears that Emma Roberts moved on faster as she was seen in the company of Garret Hedlund. Emma and Garret were photographed on a few days ago, kissing while on a date.

Emma Roberts ( Valentine’s Day,  Scream 4, Billionaire Boys Club, Who We Are Now )and Evan Peters begun dating in 2012 after they met on the set of Adult World. The two actors went through many difficult moments during their relationship. In 2013, Emma Roberts was arrested after the police responded to a domestic violence call. The charges were however dropped. “It was an unhappy event, a misunderstanding. Miss Roberts was released after questioning and the couple is trying to move past this” Emma’s publicist told ET at that time.

Evan Peters ( Kick-Ass, Never Back Down, X-Men: Days of Future Past, One Tree Hill )talked last year about the relationship he has with Emma Roberts: “We’re together all the time, we’re best of friends. I think everything becomes simpler and all those things that makes us angry or upset are small after we look at each other and start laughing and getting past them. It’s fun working with her” he said.

A source confirmed the relationship between Emma Roberts and Garret Hedlund ( Eragon, Georgia Rule , Friday Night Lights, Mosaic ) however the source also added that things are not very serious: ” They went on a few days but right now there’s nothing serious“.


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