former nsa edward snowden

Former NSA employee Edward Snowden goes after Facebook through a post he published on Twitter, after the giant suspended Cambridge Analytica, a company specialized in data analysis that worked on the pro-Brexit campaign and the presidential campaign of Donald Trump.

Facebook accused the company on Friday because the company has not deleted tens of millions of data that were abusively collected from Facebook users. Still, Edward Snowden doesn’t blame Facebook alone and said that other social networks are just as guilty.

“Businesses that make money by collecting and selling private information have been described in the past as surveillance companies. Rebranding them into social networks is the most successful deceit since the Department of War has become the Department of Defense”  Edward Snowden wrote on Twitter.

One day before, Snowdan underlined that Facebook makes money by selling and exploiting intimate details about the private life of millions of people, more than the details you voluntarily post. On Saturday, Cambridge Analytica denied any violation of privacy and said that the company is fully respecting the Facebook terms and conditions.

Special prosecutor Robert Mueller who is investigating a possible “partnership” between the Donald Trump presidential campaign and Russia, asked Cambridge Analytica last year to provide the emails of all employees who worked for Donald Trump. The company complied with the request.

Facebook is, yet again, in a very bad light after a few months ago Facebook has been blamed for spreading “fake news” during the United States Presidential Elections. Facebook has promised to respond to this.


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