dorian hurricane

Dorian hurricane is now a category 5 storm, the most powerful on the intensity scale. The wind now has a speed of more than 160 miles per hour and the storm is closing in on Bahamas. People in Bahamas have been warned to seek shelter.

However, the news is good for the people who live in Florida: Dorian will move towards the north of the region.

The Bahamas is right in front of the Dorian hurricane, one of the most powerful hurricanes ever formed in Atlantic in the last few years. There will be two days of very high winds and floods that will hit the Bahamas, one of the places that is most visited by tourists each year.

Hubert Minnis, the prime minister of Bahamas says that homes and buildings can be replaced by lives cannot.

The people of the Bahamas have every reason to worry because the intensity of the Dorian hurricane is very worrying.

Ron DeSantis, the Governor of Florida says that there aren’t many places to be safe in the Bahamas.

According to the most recent forecasts, Florida will get rid of whats the worst: the hurricane will move towards the right after it passes the Bahamas and will move forward in a direction parallel with the shore of Florida but things might not be as good for the people of South Carolina and Georgia.

The change of direction of the Dorian hurricane might be a very good news for the tourism industry in Florida. People have a long weekend because on Monday nobody goes to work because of the Labor Day holiday. Because of the Dorian hurricane the number of tourists is smaller compared to previous years but people in the tourism industry are hoping this are going to change now that the risk of getting hit by the Dorian hurricane is now smaller.


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