donald trump attacks amazon

U.S. President Donald Trump slammed Amazon again yesterday accusing the company – which is the biggest online retailer in the world – of getting lower prices from the United States Postal Services. Trump also accuses Amazon is not paying enough taxes.

The comments posted by Donald Trump on Twitter resumes what he said earlier in the week, determined by an article published by Axios according to which Trump is obsessed with Amazon and is looking into ways to limit the company’s power, maybe through some antitrust federal laws.

Investors are worried that Donald Trump might do something against Amazon and as a result Amazon stocks dropped by 3.33% last week.

An analysis done by Citigroup back in 2017 says that if the United States Postal Service would allocate spending to consider the high volume of parcels it delivers, the delivery costs would be bigger by $1.46. Federal authorities looking into the contracts USPS has signed found no problems regarding the contract between Amazon and the United States Postal Service.

A White House official said earlier this week that the Trump administration doesn’t plan to initiate any actions against Amazon at this time. Donald Trump accused Washington Post, a newspaper owned by¬† Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos, of lobbying for Amazon.

The Washington Post, a newspaper that is often attacked by Donald Trump online, won the Pulitzer award last year for an investigation into the charitable donations made by Donald Trump in the past.

Amazon refused to comment on the situation and Washington Post is still unavailable for comment, according to media sources.


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