The Secretary of State of the United States, Rex Tillerson, was fired by President Donald Trump. The new Secretary of State is Mike Pompeo, the former director of the CIA.

“CIA director Mike Pompeo will become Secretary of State, replacing Rex Tillerson” President Donald Trump wrote on Twitter. Trump said that Pompeo will do an excellent job. The President also thanked Rex Tillerson for his service and said that Gina Haspel will become the new director of the CIA.

Gina Haspel, deputy director of the CIA, will be in charge of the Central Intelligence Agency, becoming the first woman to head the service. Donald Trump made the announcement on Twitter, a few hours after Rex Tillerson returned from a tour in Africa, without providing a reason for these important changes.

Rex Tillerson, former executive and President of Exxon Mobil, became Secretary of State on February 2, 2017.

Rex Tillerson’s mistakes as Secretary of State

While serving as the Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson often had different opinions than Donald Trump regarding international matters. The last one was about Donald Trump’s intention of meeting with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. Rex Tillerson initially said that President Trump made the decision of meeting with the North Korean leader by himself.

Rex Tillerson was criticized by the White  House and even by other cabinet members, who were not happy with the reorganization he had in mind at the State Department and with the fact that he accepted the Presidential Administration’s proposal of decreasing the State Department budget by 30%.

Rex Tillerson made some uneducated statements regarding the top tier of t he United States diplomacy during a press conference, mistaking the functions and retirement ages of some former high ranking officials.

Boucher, who was the spokesman for five State Secretaries, remembered that when working for the State Department everybody was making huge efforts to try to avoid mistakes and when mistakes happened, everybody was working to fix them.

At the November 28 press conference which took place at the Wilson reflection center in Washington, Rex Tillerson repeatedly referred to high ranking diplomats as “career diplomats”. Moreover, about four of them, Rex said that they turned 65 years old and retired. In reality, one was 55 years old, another one was 61, the third one was 67 and the forth one was 65 years old, none being obligated to retire.

Rex Tillerson was also criticized by many members of the United States Congress for the way he leads the State Department and the uncertainty that floats around the Department. A high ranking official responsible with the reorganization  decided to resign.

Considering all these mistakes, Donald Trump doesn’t need to provide reasons for his decision to fire Rex Tillerson because we clearly understand why the did it.


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