donald trump playing golf

U.S. President Donald Trump, 72 years old, is in “very good health” despite the fact that he put on some extra weight, according to his recent physical.

Donald Trump had a physical at the Walter Feed military hospital on Friday, which was done by Doctor Sean Conley, the personal physical of U.S. President Donald Trump.

Donald Trump was given a higher dose of medication to reduce his cholesterol levels, Dr. Sean Conley said. At the last physical Donald Trump had a weight of 243 lbs, compared to 239 lbs, the weight recorded at the beginning of 2018, with a body mass index of 30.4, which means that the President of the United States is overweight.

The body mass index is done by measuring the height and weight, and a BMI of 30 or bigger suggests obesity, according to the National Health Institute.

“We concluded that the president remains in very good health” Dr. Conley said in a press statement issued by the White House after Donald Trump had his physical.


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