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Sony Interactive Entertainment and Quantic Dream studio have launched not one but no less than three new trailers for Detroit: Become Human game, one for each of the main characters of the game. You can watch the three trailers below.

Detroit: Become Human has initially presented as the sequel of the Kara story, started in a technological demo presented back in 2012. Kara is an artificial being, an Android, that has feelings, in a world that has embraced the concept of humanoid robots. In the role of Kara we see Valorie Curry, the actress who also played Kara in the initial demo. Besides Kara, Detroit: Become Human has other two playable characters: Connor ( Bryan Dechart ), an Android programmed to negotiate with criminals and terrorists, and Markus ( played by Jesse Williams ) the leader of a rebel Android organization.

The cast of the game also includes known actors such as Lance Henriksen ( Aliens, Millennium ) and Clancy Brown ( Warcraft: The Beginning, God of War III and Mass Effect: Andromeda ).

Detroit: Become Human will make its appearance on May 25, 2018, exclusively for PlayStation 4.

Below you can watch the three new trailers for Detroit: Become Human.

Detroit: Become Human | Kara Trailer | PS4

Detroit: Become Human | Connor Trailer | PS4

Detroit: Become Human | Markus Trailer | PS4


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