While not being the first project created with Marvel, Iron Fist benefited from some negative reviews but the show was a huge success for Netflix.

Some pretty interesting statistics for this year have started to pop up and the most important one is about multimedia content on Netflix, precisely about binging.

If you don’t know what binge watching is, let us tell you: viewing entire TV shows seasons without watching anything else. Considering that Netflix uploads entire seasons instantly, the Netflix platform was one of the first to promote this concept.

Iron Fist is the most recent Marvel TV show created by Netflix after DareDevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. Unlike the previous three, Iron Fist received many negative reviews and received the “failure label. Just like Warcraft or Batman V Superman, reviews seem to not matter much when it comes down to the success of a movie or TV series. According to a recent report published by 7Park Data, the Iron Fist premiere set a new traffic record on Netflix.

On March 17, the day when Iron Fist was released on Netflix, 14,6% of all Netflix traffic was made by users watching the new Iron Fist TV series. To compare, last year the Stranger Things premiere only managed to generate 4% of all Netflix traffic. Not even the second Daredevil season, which was anxiously awaited by fans, managed to get more than Iron Fist, as it got only 13,8%.

“Data about the number of video streams shows that what critics consider the best TV shows and what subscribers consider the best are, sometimes, two very different things” Christopher Coby  said, senior analyst at 7Park Data and it also confirms a very interesting trend when it comes down to movies and TV series. The critics’ opinion is no longer vital for the success of a movie or TV show.

Have you watched Iron Fist on Netflix ? I did, I watched 8 episodes and I have to say, despite the negative reviews, I like it!


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