Right after the ending of Mass Effect 3 ( the controversial ending that has caused a lot of waves ) Bioware announced that they are actively working on a new Mass Effect game, a new Mass Effect game that has nothing to do with the previous games of the trilogy. Well, ever since that time, I have been waiting and waiting for this game to be released. The wait will finally come to an end on March 21, 2017.

This is going to happen in one month and a few days and I simply  cannot wait for the game to come out. These days I’m sorry that I’m not a vampire or something so I can go into a deep sleep and  wake up just before March 21. But hey, this is real life and while I’m anxiously waiting for the game to arrive, I still have a life and things to do such as work to pay the bills and actually have money to buy the game.

I am not going to pre-order Mass Effect: Andromeda. You might ask why since I’m so desperate to play it. Just today I checked out the PlayStation Network and I have seen three Mass Effect: Andromeda pre-order packages. They are attractive, I know, but I’m not going to pre-order it. Gonna use the money for something else until the game is released. It’s not like I won’t be able to buy it the day it arrives or something. So, I don’t have a clear answer for you. I never pre-ordered a game and I’m not about to start now. I will sit back and wait quietly for the release date to arrive. Then I’m going to turn on my PlayStation 4, log in to the PlayStation Network, buy it and then the real trouble is going to start: the time until the game is actually downloaded on my PS4 console and I can start playing the game. I know the game will be big, I imagine it will be more than 60 GB but this only means that the game will deliver a top experience.

But let’s get back to the title of this article and see why I am desperately waiting for Mass Effect: Andromeda to arrive.

So far BioWare has launched three Mass Effect games ( the trilogy you all know and love ). I’m a gamer for as long as I can remember. I love playing games. They relax me after a hard day’s work and I simply love to dive into the story and action of the games I’m playing. So far the Mass Effect universe and story is one of my favorites. Didn’t quite paid a lot of attention and interest to the Mass Effect universe after the release of the first game. Don’t know why. I was too busy playing other games, but by the time Mass Effect 2 came out and I’ve read reviews of the game I decided to give it a try. I bought Mass Effect 1 and 2 and I finished them both within two weeks of playing and fell in love with the story, the characters, their mission. I fell in love with Shepard’s role, story, background and with the man’s love for Earth and his willingness to do and risk everything to save our world.

By the time Mass Effect 3 came out I already played and finished Mass Effect 1 and 2 three times. They were simply addictive. I played the first two Mass Effect games on my PC and by the time Mass Effect 3 came out I got my new PlayStation 3 and bought the game from the PS Network. Finished the game within three or four days I think then I started to play Mass Effect online. I remember staying up nights until early in the morning just to play online with other people. So I have to say that Mass Effect online was also very addictive and fun.

I got my new PlayStation 4  just in December of 2016. A bit late but oh well. So far I’ve played Uncharted 4, Watch Dogs 2, GTA 5, Batman: Arkham City, The Witcher: Wild Hunt, Assassin’s Creed: Unity but none of these games managed to make me forget about the Mass Effect universe and the new Andromeda game that is due on March 21. None. You might say that I’m addicted to the Mass Effect universe, don’t know if you are too. If you are, I feel your “pain”.

I know the story of Mass Effect: Andromeda will be just as good as the stories of the previous games, if not even better. I’m waiting to see what BioWare has in store for us and I am sure that after the story mode of the game is completed, I will be hooked by the game’s multiplayer component and I see a lot of sleepless nights in my future J

Are you as desperate as I am to play the new Mass Effect: Andromeda game ?


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