Yahoo Mail was, back in the day, the preferred email provider for many users. Scratch that. Yahoo Mail continues to be one of the world’s most popular email providers however if you’re tying to stop using the service, precisely, if you’re trying to delete your Yahoo email account, you’ll be faced with a lot of challenges.

On one hand, we have many websites and services where the Yahoo Mail account is used as a way to recover a lost password, however if we manage to get past this obstacle, shutting down the email account is just a formality.

As some users have recently learned, shutting down or deleting your Yahoo Mail account is possible only if you accept a 90 days grace period during which you are not allowed to access your email account.  So, in these 90 days, if you try to at least sign in to your Yahoo Mail account, the deletion request is voided. This may not be such a big problem if we were to ignore the multitude of security breaches reported in the last few years. So, who’s to say that a sign in attempt is not going to be made on your behalf by an unauthorized third party in the next 90 days ?

Not at all surprising, some Yahoo Mail accounts were active even a few months after their owners decided to have them closed or deleted. This signals that someone else tried to access their Yahoo Mail accounts thus triggering the voiding procedure.

A possible solution to avoid such problems is to change your password before requesting the deletion of your Yahoo Mail account.

Anyway, I cannot understand why Yahoo is making this such difficult for users. If i no longer want to use my Yahoo Email address and want to delete the account, why should I have to wait 90 days for this to happen ?


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